We are making MultiGenic research the new standard for complex Therapy R&D
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Multigenic Diseases

Today's multigenic diseases pose the biggest unresolved threats to human health. However, there are no multigene construction tools on the market that are simple to use or even available to those working on treatments & cures. 

While gene and cell therapy is still relatively new, nearly all therapies in the clinic are Monogenic. Most monogenic therapies are unable to have any meaningful therapeutic effects on complex Multigenic diseases like Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, or many cancers. 

If we are to begin tackling diseases causing most deaths and economic hardship, we believe the only way forward is to Think Multigenic. 

Multigenic Solutions

Solving multigenic diseases requires a multigenic therapy approach. Until our introduction of Bird of Prey and CloneCards, there have been no tools on the market that have enabled researchers to simply build a complex multigene. 

Now that our platform and tools are available, we believe the floodgates have opened, and a new era of biotechnology is on the horizon.  Multigenic solutions will range from simultaneous up/down regulation of genes, multi-effectors acting on a single target, multiple effectors acting on multiple targets, micro-environment-mediated expression, and much more. 

We give you the tools to build countless possible constructs. The time is now to start Building Multigenics. 

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