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2023 November 30The Enzyme Renaissance

Bird of Prey's modularity is partly enabled by its consistent vector construction and the rare restriction enzymes that flank each CloneCard gene module (see our Enzymes page in the Academy). 
Bringing back subcloning as a primary method of making modular DNA modules for multigenic therapeutics marks the dawn of a new restriction enzyme use renaissance. This innovative approach using an older set of proven tools, leverages the precision and efficiency of enzymes while revolutionizing the process of creating complex genetic constructs. 
Bird of Prey's goal is to accelerate the workflow and development of sophisticated multigenic therapies. By modularizing our genes in the same configuration, the scalability of creating multiple constructs with varying Effectors, Promoters, and more greatly increases. Additionally, the cost of attaining multiple sets of meaningful data is decreased - more Effectors and more Transcription Units mean more data per experiment! 
As we are witnessing a surge in interest for alternative therapeutic avenues, particularly tackling multigenic complex diseases, the humble enzyme will make an aggressive comeback to the forefront of biotechnology. 

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